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Firepits UK Ltd are Europe’s leading Gas Fire Pit specialist. Our company was established in 2010 to fulfill a market that simply didn’t exist in the UK .  We were the first company to gain CE approval for an outdoor gas firepit burner, this side of the Atlantic.

Our products have been designed for the UK and European market and have full CE approval. We manufacture the burners in our own workshop which ensures exceptional quality and complete control of our own product. This also allows us to maintain stock ready for immediate despatch.

We don’t just sell a product, we offer a lifestyle. Although we don’t provide garden design or landscaping services, we do have extensive knowledge of fire pit design concepts. Every installation is unique, and we are here to help with any questions you may have, either about one of our products, or help with fire pit design and ideas. We take pride in offering the best possible customer service, as well as a premium high quality product.

CE Approval is mandatory for ALL gas appliances in the UK and Europe.  It means our products have been tested and approved by a government controlled test facility to ensure they are safe, and conform to European standards.  We also have regular audits to ensure compliance.

Gas firepits burners manufactured in other countries, particularly the US and Canada DO NOT have CE approval and are therefore illegal in Europe.  Also due to differing gas regulations, they may not work, or could be highly dangerous.

Our Customer Feedback

I recently purchased one of your square Fire Pits and wanted to say what a great product it is… Rarely do I write to suppliers with praise but I was compelled to do so having now installed the fire pit in our recently re-designed garden. It was easy to fit and worked first time and the effect on the garden is stunning, especially at night. All credit to you for the design and function of a product I am sure our family will enjoy for years to come. We are especially looking forward to using it this coming weekend when we have a firework party. Great product and great service from you. Many thanks again.
I have been in the garden design and landscaping business for many years, and since I started offering your firepit burners to my customers, my business has really picked up. I’ve bought several burners so far, and I’m very pleased with the product and with the increase in business it’s brought me. My customers tell me the reason why they chose my company, was that I was the only one offering a gas firepit in my designs.
I have just finished installing this on my new deck, running the gas line straight down underneath the joist to conceal it. It looks great, and when you crank the flame right up the amount of heat is more than enough. Was advised that I should not cook on it, but can’t see any harm in placing a foil wrapped potato on top of the larva rock.
You have certainly provided a high quality service for us and we will be ‘showing off’ our firepit all summer and letting our friends know who provided it. It is refreshing to deal with a company who value their customers, as so many nowadays forget that they wouldn’t have a business without them! Thanks once again for resolving this so swiftly.