LPG Regulator


There are many types of regulators available and It’s very important to use the correct one. Failure to use the correct regulator could be extremely dangerous.

  • 4kg 37mbar regulator
  • Complete with Hose nozzle attached
  • Screw on fitting (Reverse Thread)
  • Suitable for 19kg Propane LPG Bottler or above

Note: Clip on barbecue regulators cannot provide the necessary output, (they freeze up).


Product Description

Rather than have a single bottle that might run out in the middle of your party, you could have two bottles connected together with one of our ‘changeover’ kits.  If one bottle becomes empty, just switch over to the other bottle.  The kit comes with it’s own regulator so you won’t need this one.

If you have only one bottle, install a gauge so you know how much gas you have left.

The regulator nut is larger than your typical adjustable spanner, so why not buy the right tool for the job.