Service Kit


• Pilot Assembly and Bracket
• Thermocouple
• Piezo Electrode
• Piezo Ignitor
• Piezo HT Lead
• Pilot Cage

If you are not sure of which to choose, please contact us with your serial number.


Product Description

We have four different service kits available, so please ensure you select the correct one for your burner. LPG or mains gas?  Standard or extended length?  If you are not sure, please contact us with your serial number (found on the front of the control box) and we will ensure you receive the correct one.

We supply a spare pilot cage, because sometimes it’s easier to remove the old one to fit the new pilot. and often the legs will break when removing.

To install these parts you will need to lift the burner to replace the pilot assembly and remove the front of the control box to replace the piezo.


Additional Information

Choose connection type

LPG Gas Standard Connections, LPG Gas Long Connections, Natural Gas Standard Connections, Natural Gas Long Connection